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  • What Are The Cost Benefits With a SnapSports Flooring System?
  • Compared to synthetics, woods and other competing sports flooring choices, SnapSports delivers top rated performance, durability, and safe play surface at a lower cost. There is also far less maintenance costs with SnapSports.
  • How Long Does It Take To Install a SnapSports Gym Floor?
  • Authorized trained installers who can complete a typical installation within 2-4 days, depending on the size of your facility, expertly install our floors.
  • What If We have Water Concerns, Will The Floor Be Damaged?
  • Our Sport floors and courts will not warp, flake or be damaged in any way due to water damage. SnapSports surfaces are extremely durable.

  • What Colors Does SnapSports Offer?
  • We have over 16 standard colors to choose from and we can also match most any custom color. We also offer the option of having custom logos within your floor.
  • What Are the ergonomic safety features of SnapSports flooring? Exhibit Sports provides itself as the ergonomic solution for sports around Australia.
  • BounceBack Over 1000 shock absorbing support structures per square foot, ensures consistent performance and impact resistance throughout the entire sports surface.
    ShockLock The interlocking system lets individual modules slide, but keeps the entire surface fully interlocked. This built-in "give" eases joint impact and creates a safer surface.
    Outdoor Surface DesignsOur multi-patent line up of outdoor all weather sports surfacing offers unmatched wet & dry traction, ball performance and player safety features.
  • How Long Does a SnapSports Sport Floor last?
  • Nobody has more experience in manufacturing and supplying premium modular flooring. We manufacture our multi-patent floors with the finest raw materials available, ensuring unmatched durability and performance. We stand behind our products with a 16-year warranty.

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