RESIDENTIAL: Home Tennis Courts

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60’ x 120’ DuraCourt Residential Tennis Court

Exhibit Sports is the No.1 preferred choice in Australia for home tennis courts construction. The quality products and installations make us the professional solution and best value-for-money when building a tennis court at home.

The Snapsports flooring contains durable, shock-absorbing technology that is engineered for performance and safety. This makes our court surfacing the perfect option whether it will be used for recreation tennis or professionally training. We also work hard to keep the tennis court installation costs down to a minimum while still achieving a quality outcome. Talk with one of our staff today and find out how our team of professionals can help you with tennis court surfacing.

Surfacing Options

Exhibit Sports offers the below two surfaces for home residential tennis courts. Both provide the natural bounce for needed in tennis playing and training. Talk with one of our staff today on 03 9303 9051 and found out the options, sizes, and prices available.

  • Sports Floors


    DuraCourt is a durable surface that is self-draining and weather resistant. It is more affordable and the natural bounce allows the court to be used for other sports.

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  • Sports Tiles


    The Bounceback surface offers shock-absorbing support that does not compromise on the natural bounce of the tennis ball. The surface reduces fatigue and injury while training and playing.

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